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Real Estate Transaction Savings

Real Estate Transaction Savings

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, you know that every penny counts.  Now, through special arrangements for NASE Members, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your next real estate transaction through the Real Estate Advantage Program.

The Real Estate Advantage Program offered through Coldwell Banker Realty partners you with an experienced real estate agent from their preferred nationwide network. The program offers a rebate of 20% of the commission (the side your agent represents) on the home that you are buying or selling when you close with your assigned agent. 

In addition to the real estate assistance, Coldwell Banker Realty can connect you with preferred providers for Mortgage, Household Moving and Homeowners Insurance.

These exceptional services are available nationwide to all members.  The program is also available to immediate family of all eligible participants.

To register for the program or for more information, visit or call 800-396-0960.  Please identify yourself as an NASE member.

The Real Estate Advantage Program is a free, no-obligation benefit program offered by Coldwell Banker Realty. The ability to pay a cash rebate may be modified or prohibited by law in some states. Participants must follow program guidelines to ensure eligibility. To take advantage of the program, you must be connected with an agent through the Real Estate Advantage Program. No rebate is available if you have already engaged the services of an agent.

Here’s how the plan works:

  1. Call Real Estate Advantage Program at 800-396-0960
  2. Identify yourself as an NASE Member.
  3. The Advantage Program will match you with a participating agent.**
  4. When your transaction is complete, receive a 20% rebate on commissions.

For example:
$200,000 (sale price) X 6% (commission) ==> 3% (Purchase side)($6,000)
==> 20% Rebate ($1,200)
$200,000 (sale price) X 6% (commission) ==> 3% (Listing side)($6,000)
==> 20% Rebate ($1,200)

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