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All SelfInformed Issues for the Year 2019

SI Cover Sept 2019
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SelfInformed - September 2019

In this issue, read about data security for small businesses, extended tax returns, riding self-employment and the Modern Worker Empowerment Act.


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Self Informed - August 2019

In this issue, read about marketing to Millennials and Gen Z, a guiding hand as self-employment and our support for bipartisan legislation to deduct health insurance costs.

SI Cover July 2019
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SelfInformed - July 2019

In this issue, read about Customer Attrition VS Customer Retention, our 2019 Dependent Scholarship recipients and the Trump administration taking steps to improve Health Care pricing.

SI Cover June 2019
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SelfInformed - June 2019

In this issue, read about retirement planning for the self-employed and the new HRA regulations.

SI Cover May 2019
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SelfInformed - May 2019

In this issue, read about maximizing your tradeshow experience, mental health for small business owners and how the NASE celebrated National Small Business Week.

SI Cover April 2019
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SelfInformed - April 2019

In this issue, read about how to expand your social media, synergistic self-employment and retirement security.

SI Cover March 2019
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SelfInformed - March 2019

In this issue, read about growing and generating new business, an author's look at self-employment and net neutrality legislation.

SI Cover Feb 2019
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SelfInformed - February 2019

In this issue, read about taxes, taxes, taxes! It's February and that means it's Tax time, get all you need to know as well as our reaction to the State of the Union and the small business outlook.

SI Cover January 2019
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SelfInformed - January 2019

In this issue, read about effective tips for starting a small business, 2019 tax preparation and an update on HRA regulations.