NASE SelfInformed Archive (2022)

SelfInformed Archive

Your monthly source for the latest news for your micro-business. From operations and marketing to legislative updates from Capitol Hill, SelfInformed has it all!

2022 Issues

SelfInformed - July 2022

In this month's issue of SelfInformed, read about the not-so-obvious ways to positively impact your community and improve your business, the 2022 NASE Dependent Scholarship winners and a few must do items before the congressional recess.

SelfInformed - June 2022

In this issue, read about new trends, software, and hardware to improve your small business, insuring self-employment and how digital tools are key to self-employed and small business growth.

SelfInformed - May 2022

In this issue, read about why small businesses and entrepreneurs are the heart of America's economy and spirit, shining self-employment and congress fails to pass additional COVID relief funds.

SelfInformed - April 2022

In this issue, read about the top ways to get new customers, being marvelously self-employed and how the midterm election cycle is heating up!

SelfInformed - March 2022

In this issue, read about 3 mistakes to avoid this tax season, creative self-employment and what is happening on Capitol Hill.

SelfInformed - February 2022

In this issue, read about preparing for the upcoming tax season, well traveled self-employment and the two new bills focusing on small business and entrepreneurship.

SelfInformed - January 2022

In this issue, read about a new year and a better you, make the change human resources and 2022's wild legislative agenda.

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