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2015 Issues

SelfInformed - December 2015

Can you believe it, 2015 is already coming to an end? We know that you have been hard at work this past year either starting or growing your business and we invite you to share your story with us and your fellow self-employed colleagues. If you are interested in sharing, please fill our or Publicity form!

SelfInformed - November 2015

Joe Pielago is the co-founder of JJKR Enterprise Inc. It is a family run business used to manage long term holdings and early start-ups. In 2009, Joe received the Future Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the NASE and used that scholarship to attend the University of San Francisco. In May of 2013 Joe graduated with a Degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Since graduation, Joe has participated in three start-ups and is about to launch his fourth next year.

SelfInformed - September 2015

Russel Edwards is the owner of Major Appliance HQ, a family owned and operated appliance business for 40 years located in Chuckey, Tennessee. Major Appliance HQ serves the local community not just as a place where customers can purchase appliances for their homes but also rely on to install and service their appliances properly.

SelfInformed - August 2015

Bridgette transitioned her past experiences with customer service in the restaurant and catering industry to owning her own business in the vending industry. Get Snacking Las Vegas now services four locations with seven machines and is looking to place three more within this next year.

SelfInformed - July 2015

Joseph Swanson is the owner of Swanson’s Evergreen Nursery located in Niagara, Wisconsin. Throughout High School Joey was very active, keeping a 3.9 GPA (second in his class) while participating on the Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Track teams. Upon Graduation, it was no surprise to anyone that Joey was already running his own business. Swanson’s Evergreen Nursery grows most of their Evergreen trees (Christmas Trees) from seed, and ships and sells their products throughout the Midwest.

SelfInformed - June 2015

John M. Collins Jr. is the President and Founder of the Forensic Foundations Group. As a 20-year veteran of forensic science in federal, state, and local crime laboratories, John founded the business in 2013 to help build advanced occupational competencies among employees and administrators working in the forensic laboratory sciences. In 2013, John joined the NASE as he was starting his business and found it critically important to him that NASE advocate for the interests of the self-employed in Washington, D.C. Not only that but also that we keep members informed of what we are doing, which in turn keeps our members informed about what is happening on the Hill and how that impacts their business.

SelfInformed - May 2015

David Temkin is the Founder & CEO of The SoLa Look, a makeup line launched in December 2013 that targets the growing Latina and Spanish-speaking population. David was born and raised in Boston, MA and graduated from Umass-Amherst with a BA in Business Administration. He went on to earn his MA from Emerson College in Media Arts. He joined the NASE in 2012 and finds the NASE Member Directory of other NASE businesses one of the most valuable member benefits.

SelfInformed - April 2015

Mark Dominiak is the Principle Strategist of Insight Garden, located in Whiting, Indiana outside of Chicago. Insight Garden’s mission is to cultivate ideas that will have a powerful marketplace impact for their clients. Mark also serves on the Board of Directors for the Whiting-Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce and continues the long time practice of traveling to his alma mater, Ball State University, to lecture at advertising classes every Spring. Joining in 2004, the most important benefit was access to quality health insurance. Once he knew he could provide quality coverage for his family, Mark was confident he could go into business for himself.

SelfInformed - March 2015

Alan DeValerio is the Founder of White House Memories located in Frederick, Md. Alan joined the NASE in 2005. He first joined for the discounted dental insurance and has continued to enjoy the various benefits the NASE offers. Alan worked as a contract butler at the White House in Washington D.C from 1980 to 1989 and began giving presentations about his experiences in 2012.

SelfInformed - October 2015

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SelfInformed - February 2015

Darci E. McConnell is the President ,of McConnell Communications, Inc. located in Detroit, Michigan has been a NASE member since 2014. Darci joined the NASE after learning about its existence while conducting a search for grants for small businesses (The NASE offers $4,000 Growth Grants to our members). She was also excited to see other benefits for small firms such as growth tips and insurance discounts. As President, Darci is a publicist, crisis manager, entrepreneur, teacher, communicator and mentor. McConnell Communications has served clients large and small, ranging from Fortune 500 firms such as Feld Entertainment and Northwest Airlines to local non-profits such as 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit and the Detroit Branch NAACP.

SelfInformed - January 2015

Fred Diamond is the President of Diamond Strategic Marketing (DSM) and Founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales & Business Development (IES&BD). Though Fred joined the NASE in 2004 initially for the health insurance, he agrees the NASE has proven over the years to offer much more than just a source of health insurance. Diamond strategic marketing, helps growing companies (local, national and international) develop sound and smart product and vertical marketing strategies that lead to revenue rewards. The Institute for Excellence in Sales & Business Development provides thought leader-led workshops for selling professionals across the US.

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