What Types of Business Insurance Do You Need?

  • There’s nothing quite like starting your own business, even if it’s a small or micro business. It’s exhilarating to see your company name on your new letterhead and business card, submit proposals to potential clients and start earning an income for work that you’re doing. Above all, you realize that all the hard work and effort that you’ve put into nurturing your idea for your own business is finally coming to light. It’s the same with growing an existing business. After all, you’ve worked hard and put in lots of hours and effort to get to the point where expansion is a consideration. That may include adding an employee, moving from a home office to a rental office space, or adding new services to your current business offerings.
    Posted on Apr 16, 2018
  • Let's Get Social

  • As an NASE member, you are the driving force for what we do. Promoting self-employment and providing as many self-employed people as possible with our wide variety of benefits is something we do every day. But is it something you do? A great way for you to show your support for the NASE is to Like, Join and Follow us on our social media channels to help spread awareness. If you haven’t taken the time already, we invite you to do so now with the links to our social media below:
    Posted on Apr 16, 2018
  • Who Are NASE Members

  • This month, we are going to take a look at not one of our fantastic Members specifically, but rather our members as a collective. Using data from over 600 members who responded to our 2017 Member Survey in November of last year, let’s find out who the NASE member is…statistically speaking.
    Posted on Apr 16, 2018
  • NASE Founding Member of New  Small Business Coalition

  • NASE is proud to announce that we have joined the Small Business Roundtable. NASE has joined forces with the nation’s leading small business and entrepreneurship organizations to form the Small Business Roundtable (SBR), a coalition dedicated to advancing policy, securing access, and promoting inclusion to benefit the 30 million small businesses at the heart of the American economy.
    Posted on Apr 16, 2018
  • NASE Releases Brief, Online Tax Video Resources to Help Filers with Last Minute Questions

  • Posted on Apr 11, 2018
  • Last Minute Tips to Filing Your 2017 Tax Returns

  • With just two-weeks until the tax filing deadline of April 17th, the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE), the nation’s leading advocate and resource for the self-employed and micro-businesses, released a list of seven last-minute tips for filing accurate returns and reducing tax liability.
    Posted on Apr 02, 2018
  • Meet Our Experts

  • Self-employed business owners are passionate about what they do. They thrive on unbridled enthusiasm for their work. Maybe you are a fantastic graphic designer, or an innovative IT consultant, or a master plumber. Yet, knowing one’s business is not the same as knowing how to run a business. Being the boss often means you are also head of marketing, sales, accounting, HR and more. And sometimes you could use some help.
    Posted on Mar 28, 2018
  • NASE 2018 Tax Survey

  • In December, Congress passed a massive overhaul of the tax code. As small-business owners plan for 2018, we want to hear from you as to the potential impact of the overhaul on you and your business. Please complete a brief nine-question survey, so we can better understand how we can help prepare for the change to come.
    Posted on Mar 28, 2018