How to Advertise Your Business Through Google and Facebook

  • Advertising your small business sounds scary but it really is not. There are a number of ways to advertise, including signs, billboards, radio, television, Google and Facebook. Digital advertising platforms like Facebook and Google are relatively new, powerful ways to advertise that also put the power in the hands of small business owners. While you may have to hire a consultant to make a television ad or a billboard, then negotiate the rate for its display, all that power is right at your fingertips on your personal computer when it comes to digital advertising.
    Posted on Oct 23, 2018
  • National Women’s Small Business Month & H.R. 5050

  • This month is National Women’s Small Business Month and we are proud to celebrate and honor the nearly 11 million woman-owned businesses in the U.S., which is 38 percent of all businesses, supporting nearly nine million jobs and generating annual revenues of $1.6 trillion. Women business owners are a force of nature!
    Posted on Oct 23, 2018
  • NATL WOMEN'S SMALL BIZ MONTH: NASE Recognizes Women Entrepreneurs as a Powerful Economic Force in Honor of National Women’s Small Business Month

  • In honor of October’s National Women’s Small Business Month and the 30thAnniversary of groundbreaking legislation, H.R. 5050, also known as the Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1988, the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE), the nation’s leading advocate and resource for the self-employed and micro-businesses, recognizes the powerful role women entrepreneurs play in helping our nation’s economy grow and prosper.
    Posted on Oct 16, 2018
  • Video Your Way to Better Business

  • As you may have noticed, it’s extremely easy to shoot a video and post it to the Web these days. Most people in urban environments have a screen of some kind in front of our face every workday, and even on the weekend. Faces facing screens are so prevalent that studies keep coming out about the need to walk away from electronic media dependence. You can find articles on WebMD and other health-related sites about smartphone addiction.
    Posted on Oct 01, 2018
  • 6 Ways to Increase Deal Closings

  • No matter how experienced or skilled a salesperson may be, closing the deal is always the most challenging (and critical) part of the process. It doesn’t matter if you can reel a potential client in if you can never actually hook them.
    Posted on Oct 01, 2018 by Susan Ranford
  • Washington Watch - September 19, 2018

  • Posted on Sep 19, 2018
  • Wayfair Ruling Spurs Congressional Action

  • For over two decades, Congress has introduced legislation to address the issue of online sales tax collection, given that until June 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that tax collection had to prove a physical presence in their state to assess taxes on the purchase. That all changed in June with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of South Dakota’s law that would allow the state to collect sales tax from online purchases.
    Posted on Sep 18, 2018
  • A Rundown on Health Insurance

  • Being self-employed and running your own small business is one of the biggest roller coasters you’ll ever ride. Right when you think your finances are in check, you are invoiced for an amount that even your accountant had forgotten. Or when you think things are finally going right, they quickly go far left.
    Posted on Sep 18, 2018